‘Cuffed’ Mapanzure pictures set social media ablaze


CHINA-BASED contemporary musician Garry Mapanzure has dismissed claims that he had been arrested for an undisclosed crime after pictures of him in handcuffs recently circulated on social media.


Mapanzure told NewsDay Life & Style yesterday that the said pictures were part of the visuals of his new video — Nditaurirewo — which was released yesterday.

The visuals, which showed Mapanzure in handcuffs led to widespread circulation that the artiste was in trouble with the law and had been taken into police custody.

The Moyo Muti hitmaker, however, said the pictures were part of his new music project and were released to create a stir ahead of the video release.

“I was never arrested. It was all part of the video shoot. The reason we even started #FreeGarryMapanzure was based on the video shoot so the fans already knew that it’s all part of the shoot then some media (outlet) only took that specific picture after we posted a lot of pictures in the build-up to the release of the music video,” he said.

“That picture was then taken and then all of a sudden, it appeared like I had been arrested, but no I wasn’t arrested at all. It was just us engaging with the fans to say free Garry after the video.”

Mapanzure said the storyline of the video was centred on him being “obsessed” with a nice girl at his workplace, but when she is robbed while he is stalking her, he is picked up as the main suspect.

“The video is basically telling a story backwards. At the start of the story, I have bruises around my face, so I am explaining how I got them. It’s a twist to a thin line between being obsessed and being in love, so what then happens is I end up in a counselling session,” he said.

“It’s like I am working and I like this girl and this girl is the only one who is nice to me in that workplace and everyone doesn’t take me seriously and I fall in love with the girl and start stalking her. So am I following her as she is going home. Someone robs her of her bag and she falls over. The robber runs off and the person she sees is me and calls the police. Meanwhile, I fight the robber with the bag and by the time the police come, they see me holding the bag and I got arrested.”

“We were trying to create the art without necessarily being too obvious because everyone expected a video which is about love that people normally do, so we decided to take it further and create the art from a different perspective and how sometimes there is a thin line between being in love and obsession. And we wanted to give people a movie and not just a music video,” he said.