Churches declare end of COVID-19


CHURCH leaders gathered at State House for the national day of prayer and fasting yesterday declared the end of COVID-19 in Zimbabwe, saying the country would no longer record any more new cases.


One of the clerics, Abel Sande said in the spirit, God had told him that no more new COVID-19 cases would be recorded.

“We thank God that he gave us (President) Emmerson Mnangagwa,” Sande, one of the church leaders who attended the church service called by Mnangagwa, said.

“We once had COVID-19 in the past it was called influenza now it has come again. It came in 1927 and we beat it, but many died across the globe.

“Our President is wise, he called me to the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair and said, put my government before God and because he put God first, we have been spared.

“Look at how many people have died across the world, but we only have four here. COVID-19 won’t spread in Zimbabwe because what has been bound on earth has been bound in heaven,” he said.

Church leaders from various denominations gathered at the same venue once declared the end of sanctions in the name of God, but the trade embargo is yet to be removed.

Mnangagwa, who proclaimed the day of prayer, called on Zimbabweans to repent from their wicked ways so that God could heal the nation.

Mnangagwa, accused of leading a regime that violates human rights, opened his speech by quoting the Bible from II Chronicles 7:13-15.

Mnangagwa said it was the vigilance of his government and co-operation from stakeholders that saved thousands of lives.

“I take this opportunity to once again thank and appreciate the efforts of all Zimbabweans for their co-operation and support of the government’s response strategy to the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Together through our vigilance, we have saved thousands of lives. We thank our Father God for continuing to suppress deaths in our nation.”

Mnangagwa said coronavirus could be a warning from God that the world was departing from His ways.
Since Mnangagwa came to power, Zimbabwe has been hit by one natural calamity after the other, starting with Cyclone Idai which devastated Manicaland in March 2019, then a drought which left about 7,7 million Zimbabweans food insecure, followed by COVID-19 whose impact exposed many families to starvation.

Already, his Presidency is faced by a failing economy, high inflation and a currency on free-fall, coupled with shortages of fuel, basics and cash.


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