Chibhamu pledges 1year decent accommodation for battling Marabha

Zimbabwean human rights activist and business woman Edith Chibhamu has pledged a decent accommodation for the street theatre comedian Marabha real name Charles Mapalume who is battling for his life at a local private hospital after his health condition continued to deteriorate from a head injury endured two years ago.

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Chibhamu said she was heart-struck when she saw pictures on social media that showed frail Marabha lying down helplessly and in a very bad shape after collapsing from an unknown illness that appears like fits or stroke-like symptoms a condition that came after being struck in his head with a brick in an alleged scuffle with one of the crew members he had joined after parting ways with Kapfupi a few years ago.

“Marabha and Kapfupi have been my best Zimbabwean street theatre comedians, when I saw his pictures on social media my heart bled and something in my conscience told me that I should lend a hand to help him during this difficult time” she said

“I heard that he was now living like a destitute, and I want to take this opportunity to lend a hand with one year fully paid accommodation to stay with his brother whilst he fully recovers” she added

His brother Paradzai Kalombolombo, appreciated the accommodation pledge, but however, requested that Chibhamu renovate their home or construct him a decent shelter at their stand in Epworth.

“We really appreciate the help, but since we are staying with we are requesting if the helper would renovate or construct him something decent at our stand in Epworth” he said

According to his brother Paradzai Kalombolombo, the doctors said his condition can be treated after the scan and having the appropriate medication.

Speaking about his wife and children, Paradzai said Marabha’s wife had left him with the children when his life started taking a bad swing.

“His wife left with children when things started getting off-shape for the comedian. I have been staying with him all this while” he said

In a video conference call with Chibhamu, his long term ally in the comedy industry, Kapfupi real name Freddy Manjalima narrated how he found his long-time friend in a sorry state after they had parted ways some years ago.
“As you may know, I and Marabha had parted ways for some time as he had tried his solo path. It’s only a month ago that we started getting along, so a few days ago I felt that I had some skit that would require his role, that’s when I visited his home and found him lying down in a very critical state” he said

“His life has not been well for quite some time since we parted ways, two years ago his head was struck by a brick in an allegedly scuffle with one of the team he had joined and since then his health started deteriorating bit by bit as he started suffering from some fits-like disease”

So far well-wishers have continued to pour in with efforts to get the joke-cracker back on his feet. When NewsDay visited Omega Medical Centre a private hospital where he has been admitted, the publication witnessed well-wishers helping with whatever they could get.

Kapfupi’s manager Samuel Manjalima who is receiving cash donations on Marabha’s behalf disclosed to NewsDay that a well-wisher had already pitched in with hospital bills, as Chibhamu had also indicated interest in settling the bills.

Edith Chibhamu is Human Rights Activist and Business woman and can be contacted on Instagram @theroyalqueendee

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