Business plotting to topple me: ED

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has blamed business and hostile foreign governments for the collapse of the local currency and destabilising his government to force him out of power.


Addressing an ordinary session of the Zanu PF politburo in Harare yesterday, Mnangagwa sought to shift the blame for the poor economic performance from his government.

“On the economic front, we are witnessing a relentless attack on our currency and the economy in general through exorbitant pricing models,” he said in a surprise statement.

“We are fully cognisant that this is a battle being fuelled by our political detractors, elite opportunists and malcontents who are bent on pushing a nefarious agenda.”

Mnangagwa’s government has failed to contain inflation, shortage of basic commodities and the collapse of the local currency against the greenback.

The Zanu PF leader has often blamed sanctions for his failures, and now sabotage by political opportunists.
Mnangagwa also warned those sharpening their swords against his party, saying they would not win the war because he was fully aware of their intentions.

“They will never win,” the 77-year-old said.

“We did not liberate this country for selfish profiteers and greedy individuals, but for all the people in our land who have the right to enjoy a better quality of life. As a party, we must always strive to achieve this.”

The local currency has continued to lose value as prices have shot through the roof despite an attempt by government to impose a price increase moratorium.

But Mnangagwa yesterday said the price hikes were confrontational.

“The confrontational actions which played out in the political, economic and media arena, were not isolated incidents, but well-orchestrated, co-ordinated and planned events,” he said.

“I am aware that the intention was to cause despondency, unrest, violence and to render the country ungovernable.”
Mnangagwa said he would not tolerate profiteering by businesses.

“These acts should never be tolerated. I urge the party and nation as a whole to remain alert. Let’s refuse to be divided by vigilantes who were hired by hostile foreign governments to distract us from our quest to grow (the economy) and improve the quality of lives for all, in peace, unity and love,” he said.


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  2. We did not liberate this country for selfish profiteers and greedy individuals, but for all the people in our land who have the right to enjoy a better quality of life. As a party, we must always strive to achieve this.”

    …but for all the people in our land who have the right to enjoy a better quality of life.
    Is this really true Mr. president? Enjoy a better quality of life? Have a right to enjoy a better quality of life? Is anyone enjoying any standard of quality of life in this country? let alone better quality?
    Just to check with our president,have you improved any of these:
    basic mealie-meal,
    some cash in the banks,
    hard handedness on the citizens
    lets just stop at these and see how well you have performed in your’right to enjoy a quality of life’

  3. they must remove mnangagwa he is a sell out he sold zimbabwe to the chinese he no longer qualifies to be a hero but a terrorist who sold his country and mineral to the chinese who remove citizens of zimbabwe in wengezi in order to build a foreign base for chinese mnangagwa and the army generals are a curse for zimbabwe

  4. mnangagwa did not liberate zimbabwe he sold zimbabwe to the chinese he is a traitor a killer of 20000 ndebeles head of gukurahundi this man has blood on his hands mnangagwa

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  6. How dare the evil,callous,corrupt,murderous despot Ediot Mnangagwa evict the people of Wengezi to build a Chinese Military Garrison.I understand he is also building one in Nyanga!.Why build these things in Manicaland?.I cannot stand nor fathom the Chinese 4 their racial bigotry.Why isnt Mnangagwa building these Garrisons in Midlands?.Why isnt the govt building a State University in Manicaland?.Yet Manicaland produced Pioneering Academic Luminaries in Zim!!.Manicaland happens to have the best educated people in Zim!!!!.

  7. He was told not to introduce Zim dollar since our our industry is dead it can not back it up .Mangudya said i will resign it bond fails, If you are leader you have to listen from others and stop blaming games.Smith survived with sanction which were more tight than this .Smith was not allowed to trade with other countries that is buying or selling anything to other nations .They introduced ten bond which is not enough to buy a loaf of bread .If you to how stupid are we just watch they introduced ten bond which caused rates to go up , They are going to introduce twenty bond causing rates to go up again .Problem they don’t learn .This is not new to us we are just following Gono’s foot steps .Lets stop blaming games when ever you fail admit and correct it .The thing is that instead of concetrating with our economy they are buys pumping out money to Khupe fighting Chamisa .Lets not focus on useless things and stop telling people lies we are not kids . Being in those offices does not mean all people out side those offices does not think .Remember they is god.

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