Ananya spreads artistic wings


MULTI-TALENTED United States-based Zimbabwean fashion designer, actor and model Ananya Kouds has spread her wings into music becoming a new voice on the music scene as she seeks to discover more of her artistic world.


In her newly found passion, the 20-year-old beauty, who plays the piano and guitar, has released two singles, Aftertaste and Marble Eyes, which has an accompanying video on YouTube.

In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style yesterday from her New York City base, Ananya said her compositions were inspired by life experiences.

“I started realising from an early age that there was nothing else that motivated me and made me feel more alive than music. I thoroughly enjoyed singing, and learning to play new songs on the guitar at the age of seven, with many factors contributing to the inspiration of my compositions,” she said.

“For Marble Eyes, I worked with producer Matthew Tryba who really helped in transforming the song and I self-produced the song Aftertaste. For my compositions use catchy beats and emotive lyrics as I combine the two subjects to create my melancholic dance music.”

Ananya said her music was available on all streaming services — Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

“I am grateful for all the support I am receiving at home and this end. I never imagined my music would ever be played on my home radio, but surprisingly the songs have been well received,” she said.

Ananya said she was able to balance her fashion and music careers as they were complementary.

“Music and fashion come hand-in-hand. Fashion is being able to create an incredible visual, while music has the extraordinary ability to unite us, it talks to the soul. Using fashion to support my music and identity as an artiste is something that greatly assists in finding the perfect balance,” she said.

“I believe fashion is a way to express oneself, and, therefore, has the ability to create an unforgettable visual. Music communicates to each one of us and usually motivates us to deal with our emotions so I look forward to creating more music and sharing it with the world.”

Born and raised in Harare, she did her high school in Zimbabwe and Europe before moving to New York in the US.


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