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AMHVoices: Zanu PF shedding crocodile tears


THOSE whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad. Ablating the lipstick off the crocodile would need quite an enumeration; the cacophony of deceit and deception, the apophasis in seeking divine help for the myriad of economic challenges while positing an all is well choreographed display by the Joint Operations Command in denying a coup bubbling under, displaying a bum rap face for the alarming rising levels of abuse and repression.

By Evangelist Sendekai W T

This unfortunately smacks of a snow job endowed with less of everything essential to sanity. Those of us used to the usual spoof will quickly discern that the big elephant in the room is Zanu PF’s infamous toxicity led by a drunken “Zupco” Santa who has clearly gone senile and suffering from cognitive dissonance, waxing blasphemy about having seen God wearing a Zanu PF hat in heaven and offering a prize for any one who dies first and be stored in a “very cold” Kwekwe mortuary ever have the decency to usurp priestly duties and declare a national day of prayer and fasting?

The citizenry is in agreement that we find our country up a creek without a paddle mostly because we have been collectively thriving and delighting in self-harm like perverts. Our moral compass as a people needs overhaul. We just can’t afford being naive anymore.

Corruption, cruelty and selfishness have taken root so badly our saving grace is just needing to tread that painful route to introspect our dirty smelling navels. Cleaning them is not designed to be comfortable, yet the stink might peradventure cease. Take a kombi driver from Mbare Musika to Mhondoro, he overcharges and collects the fare to drop a single mom educator at St Michaels in the night.

All being well, at reaching Murambwa shopping centre, he decides it is too late and he must rush to Mamina. Then he drops the poor lady there to walk the whole 4km to St Michaels in the middle of the night. She gets raped multiple times.

Everybody flips their leads on hearing this, but nobody complained to the driver before the woman was dropped. This has become us, three girls are abducted and abused, some laugh and others call them names and the government has the audacity to arrest and persecute them more.

Everywhere we are just behaving like animals with no shame. We rape, maim and loathe our neighbours because some politician bought opaque beer to be voted in office and after he wins he vanishes for five years and we are left to deal with our kith and kin we wronged.

It’s time we all quit worrying about our condition and started focusing on our position.

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  1. Now we need God’s guidance when we have a cabinet which even God envy? Toyambuka zvino.

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