AMHVoices: Let’s face our challenges as a collective

MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa waves to his supporters as he arrived for the Independence Day celebrations at the National Sports Stadium in April

FOR far too long we have allowed our country Zimbabwe to bleed. Our egos, selfishness and stubbornness are fast consuming us. The economy is bleeding profusely.

By Godfrey Tsenengamu

The successful execution of an economic revolution which seeks to confront and eradicate corruption and related economic malpractices in Zimbabwe is a collective responsibility and a challenge before all of us as Zimbabweans.

The establishment of a corrupt-free and prosperous Zimbabwe in our lifetime will remain a pipe-dream and wishful thinking if we as Zimbabweans remain divided along partisan, religious, regional, tribal or ethnic lines.

The execution of a successful economic revolution will remain a pipe-dream for as long as we continue to subscribe to toxic politics of personalities, pretence driven by hate and vengeance.

We must seek to unite ourselves as Zimbabweans and become one if we are ever to achieve anything significant in our lifetime.

Complaining, mourning, bickering, blame-shifting and finger-pointing is not going to help us as Zimbabweans. We have to act as a collective and it starts with unity.

Polarisation has taken a heavy toll on us. We can’t allow this anymore.

Zanu PF can do without MDC Alliance and the MDC Alliance can do without Zanu PF. Faction X can do without faction Z and faction Z as well can do without faction X.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa can do without MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa and Chamisa as well can do without Mnangagwa.

Unfortunately, Zimbabwe can’t do without all her children.

Our problems know no boundaries. We are all affected. Collectively we are the solution. Collectively we can stop this bleeding.

Let us unite and face our challenges as a collective.