AMHVoices: ED shall be remembered for looting, corruption

President Emmerson Mnangagwa (in scarf) commissioning 25 new Zupco buses in Harare yesterday. The buses, which will ply urban and rural routes, are expected to ease transport woes.

THERE is no denying that The late former President Robert Mugabe was forced out of power through a coup d’état and there is no reason to be apologetic about this noble move.

By Ngonidzashe, Our Reader

While the military initiated the process that paved the way for Mugabe’s eventual resignation, it was the masses who played the most decisive role by coming out in their hundreds of thousands to demonstrate and agitate for his ouster.

Now what worries the people most is they were sold a dummy. We all remember what President Emmerson Mnanganga promised the people — jobs and political reforms among others. To date, Mnangagwa has not fulfilled any of his promises. What we have noticed in his leadership is the manifestation of corruption and plundering of the country’s natural resources by cartels, his close friends and family.

Let it be stated that the removal of Mugabe was a combined effort meant to unite the people at large. What we are now witnessing is that Mnangagwa is behaving as if he now owns Zimbabwe as he has taken it to be his private property.

Mnangagwa shall only be remembered for corruption and looting of resources under his leadership as the masses’ lives become miserable.