5 Tips for starting a small IT business

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Starting an IT business can seem quite easy for those who think you only need programming skills for that. The IT sphere is very big now and outsourcing offices are only a small part of it. With each day there  more IT business models proven to be successful.

If you are just starting your IT company, these tips are just for you:

1. Find a business Partner

Starting your business with no money can be quite stressful, however, there are always more chances to succeed if you choose a right partner. Your partner needs to be someone you can trust, someone who has the skills you lack.

If you are a programmer, your partner can be a business manager or designer. In this case you will be able to start without spending too much resources.

2. Find a Place to Work

If you are just starting, renting an office will probably not be a good solution for you. To have a properly arranged office you will need to spend too much sources. You will need to buy coffee, various supplies, buy a Signal Booster for offices that have low antenna coverage, not speaking about buying high-quality computers etc.

Coworking solutions allow you to pay for only the space you need. Working in coworking spaces will help to save your resources and invest it in your actual business. Furthermore you will have a chance to connect with people you otherwise wouldn’t meet. It’s a great networking space, and this may help to develop your business idea to a better level.

3. Pitch Your Business For Investment

If your business idea is innovative and has the idea of changing the world you are very likely to be chosen for investments. Research and find events and fundraising companies where you can pitch your business idea for investment.

Include in your pitch the problem, solution, business model, market research, analyze your competitors and point to your advantages. Try to speak with enthusiasm and prepare to answer questions you have never thought about.

4. Understand Your Target Customers

Understanding who your target customers are is something you need to understand before launching your business. Every single detail needs to be targeted to those people, who are the buyer personas. 

Focus on getting their attention on every possible media channel they use frequently. 


5. Speak up about your business

Speaking up about your company is very important, this is something business owners need to know. It can be intimidating to share your business with the world, especially when you’re new.

Confidently speak about your business even if you are not sure about its details yet. From networking with clients you will learn the problems that they are facing, that you can solve. Basically every business is about being able to communicate.

In the end don’t overthink every little detail, just start doing it and you will learn through the process.


  1. One other important aspect is to always up-skill yourself. When we started our project GA we did not know much about the igaming industry – but we understood there was a gap to be filled. So we spent weeks and moths upskilling ourselfs through various online courses etc. Always stay on top of your toes!

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