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Top Zimbabwe soccer players of all-time


Soccer is arguably the most popular sport on the planet in 2020, and thanks to resources like this guide, it is also the sport where you can get some of the best betting markets and bonuses. There have been some quite talented soccer players to emerge from Zimbabwe over the years, and sports bettors have no doubt won a wager or two thanks to their talents in the past.

Sports fans are always looking for a way to get an edge over the online bookmakers, and so they should. That’s why we recommend checking out this site in order to get some of the best offers available right now, which apply to many of the top leagues in the world.Without further ado, let’s jump into the main purpose of this article, to identify some of the best soccer players that Zimbabwe has ever produced.

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A league of their own

  1. Peter Ndlovu

Just like the other two players on this list, Peter Ndlovu came from rather humble beginnings back in Zimbabwe. He was an extremely hard worker, which enabled him to play professional soccer for the Highlanders in Zimbabwe first of all, before making the leap into Premier League soccer. Ndlovu played for Coventry City during his time in the Premier League, but he also played for Sheffield United, Huddersfield, and Birmingham City.

Ndlovu enjoyed quite a prosperous international soccer career as well, as he achieved 100 caps for Zimbabwe and hit the back of the net 38 times for his country.

  1. Moses Chunga

If you ask anyone in Zimbabwe about Moses Chunga, you will generally get the same response. He is referred to as one of the greatest midfielders that the nation has ever seen, and he even earned the nickname of ‘Razorman’ for his incredible skill on the ball. Chunga played for the Belgium team Eendracht Aalst for many years, but he eventually returned home to Zimbabwe and became heavily involved in grassroots development for the sport he loves.

Chunga still holds a rather impressive playing record from when he did actually play in Zimbabwe, as he is still the only player in history to score 46 goals in just one season – a record that still stands today.

3.     Benjani Mwaruwari

Out of these 3 players, Benjani enjoyed the longest spell at top-tier clubs. He first signed with Portsmouth in 2006, who were in the Premier League at the time. However, his ambition led him to play for other prestigious clubs including Manchester City,  Blackburn Rovers, and Sunderland. He left English football in 2011 before also returning home and playing for a further two seasons.

Apart from his domestic success in England, and Benjani has also been the captain of the Zimbabwe national squad. As a further credit to this man’s character, during preparation for the African Cup of Nations in 2006, Benjani actually funded the accommodation for the Zimbabwe national team to practice in France. He has been retired now for a little over a decade, but he continues to be involved with advancing the sport of soccer in Zimbabwe.

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