Ti Gonzi apologises for conduct

Ti Gonzi
Ti Gonzi

AWARD-WINNING rapper Tinashe “Ti Gonzi” Gonzara has apologised to fans for his conduct which resulted in a
social media war with fellow musician Mudiwa Hood recently.


The kufamba Murima hitmaker took to Instagram and expressed regret after a discussion with his management before resolving to mend relations with Mudiwa.

“Good day to all my fans, friends and family all over the globe… I hope and pray that you are all safe and in God’s
hands. Firstly, allow me to take this time to appreciate you all, for standing with me through trials and temptations, I have learnt a lot in these past few days,” he said.

“Secondly, I want to extend my apology to Mr Mudiwa Hood. My brother, I am so sorry for all I said. I take back all the words and if truth be told, I have mad respect for your music, work ethic and brand. I do regret my conduct and
I hope and pray you also find it in your heart to accept my apology.”

Ti Gonzi said the development followed “a very enlightening meeting” with his management team responsible for his “brand”.

“They openly expressed utter displeasure at my social media conduct in the past few days… I did mess up, and I kindly ask all of you and others I offended… to find it in your heart to forgive me for the unnecessary insults I responded with, during my interview with Ingoda TV,” he said.

Ti Gonzi appeared on an Ingoda TV hip-hop programme where he said “Mudiwa ane dzungu”, sparking the feud.

The defiant lyricist, who has been linked to drug abuse, however disclosed that he has decided to take a different

“I have personally made a decision to follow a different path, drug-free life and going to church. Living a life that all the young and old generations would admire and look up to. A life that even my fans and friends will be
so proud to associate with,” he said.


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