The government has failed, Zimbabwe needs new leaders: Munyeza


PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa’s advisor Shingi Munyeza has upped the ante saying the political crisis in Zimbabwe needed new leadership and a national broad based dialogue away from the current Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD), which he believes will not bring a solution.

By Blessed Mhlanga

In an interview with HSTV, Munyeza, a businessman and preacher, said Mnangagwa’s administration was responsible for taking Zimbabwe into the crisis and was not capable of extricating the troubled nation and should, therefore, pave way for new leadership.

“When you have no food, you have no water, when your kids can’t go to school when there is disease on your doorstep and you don’t have money it’s a perfect storm, so it dismantles itself because the leadership that brought it there is not capable of actually taking it out of there,” he said.

“It can’t because if it was able we wouldn’t be where we are, the systems that took it to where were are going or where we are about to plunge into right now is incapable of taking us out of it so we need new blood, new wine skins that’s why I am calling for the young people to start climbing in and make sure that they take their place.”

Accused of being an enabler of the government led by Mnangagwa, Munyeza, said there was need to deal with the current system and not individuals as happened during the November 2017 military coup, but the entire leadership which has failed the people in delivering social services.

“That system is the one that says it’s ok to close hospitals, it’s actually a system, because people don’t just wake up and say you know let’s just lock up the hospitals, to actually bolt up the hospitals it shows you something.

“It’s a system and the values are faulty. All we are saying is it’s ok for people to die at home, because the government was not able to show leadership and resolve their dispute with doctors. It then calls for a different type of leadership.”

“It’s the same system that says it’s ok that we don’t have medication but we go and buy cars, it’s the same system that says our roads can be messed up but we are allowed to buy the best cars in the world,” he said.

Asked if he is not headed into a collision course with his boss, Munyeza said although the system was led by Mnangagwa, the pastor was not interested in isolating individuals.

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