Skylake donates another borehole to Beatrice hospital


Skylake Borehole Drilling Company this week delivered its second boreholes donation to Beatrice hospital after previously donating another one to Wilkins hospital as the company joins other stakeholders in the fight against coronavirus that has so far affected three million and claimed 234,000 lives worldwide.

Staff Reporter

During the handover ceremony held at the State House graced by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his deputies, Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi, Skylake requested President’s choice on where the boreholes would be sunk and he chose Wilkins and Beatrice hospitals respectively.

Speaking on the handover of boreholes sunk at Beatrice hospital, Skylake Borehole CEO, Tatenda Samukange urged other players to come on board and help in fighting this global novel case that is wreaking havoc within Zimbabwe and beyond borders.

“I call upon all other companies and individuals to come on board and help the government in fighting this pandemic that has fallen upon us. I believe we can only conquer this virus through a collective action” he said.

Skylake Borehole is a budding drilling company that is owned by a 25-year-old entrepreneur and boasts of 35 full time employees.

It can also be noted that while the coronavirus pandemic has exposed mankind to one of the worst disease outbreaks in modern times, it is also bringing out the best in people.

At first it was global giants such as Alibaba, Roche and Amazon digging deep into their pockets to ensure the global healthcare system is not overwhelmed and now Zimbabwean corporates have also refused to be left behind in spite of the dire economic situation they are operating under.

Skylake joins other Zimbabwean companies that have produced Covid-19 protocols to guide their staff in the fight against the disease, with most of them putting emphasis on personal hygiene while raising public awareness in combating the disease.

As part of its awareness campaign, the company has enacted a big billboard signage at Wilkings hospital entrance.

Substantial amount of money has also been invested into the provision of masks, gloves, hand sanitisers and other protective clothing, commonly referred to as (PPE).

Just recently, EcoSure — a subsidiary of the Strive Masiyiwa-owned Econet Wireless Zimbabwe stepped in to rescue the situation, with the insurance firm announcing that it was equipping medical staff with PPE, providing them with life and health insurance and offering them safe transport to and from work daily, for the coming 12 months.

“In the situation we find ourselves in as a nation, we want to ensure all frontline medical staff are fully protected and we are putting in place measures that give them confidence as they carry out their noble duty of primary patient care and as they save lives,” chief executive officer of Cassava Smartech, the parent company of the EcoSure insurance business, Eddie Chibi said.

In the same month, civil engineering company Bitumen World donated 40 000 litres of diesel to government for use in the fight against the pandemic.

At the same time, African Medallion Group (AMG) announced a US$5 million financial aid package to Zimbabwe to help the country fight the Covid-19 outbreak which has so far claimed four lives among fourty confirmed cases so far.


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