Siziba reflects on music career



EMERGING gospel songbird Fortunate Siziba has described her music career as a journey that started with one step following the release of the single, Muzita raJesu, in 2017, which became her breakthrough song.

The song enjoyed extensive airplay on all local radio stations and made it onto the charts.

“Muzita raJesu did exceptionally well on radio stations. It took number one place and stayed on the charts for more than 35 weeks,” Siziba said.

Siziba said the single, extracted from Philippians 2:10-11, was crafted to exalt the name of Jesus.
“The track speaks of how we pray in the name of Jesus. There is no other name that was given power besides the name of Jesus, that on it every knee must bow and every tongue must confess that Jesus Christ is Lord,” she said.

“This was followed by Tinokurumbidzai, my second single, in 2018. It speaks about giving all glory to God for the earth and its fullness as they all belong to him. The theme was extracted from Psalms 24:1.”

The artiste however said the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic was a huge blow on her career after scuttling the planned launch of her debut album, Be Glorified. “The COVID-19 outbreak has affected me in both positive and negative ways. I could not hold my album launch because of the lockdown and I could not visit radio and TV stations for physical music distribution,” she said.

“The positive side is that I have had a lot of time reflecting on ways I can use to brand myself, writing more songs and having a deep personal relationship with God which really keeps my music career afloat.”

Siziba, who discovered her music passion at a tender age, said her latest album was inspired by her life journey.

“The album was inspired by God’s faithfulness in my life. I grew up not too privileged and with where I am right now I truly give all glory to God,” she said.

She described the album as “more like my life journey” with tracks such as Ndionesei, in which she asks God to help her see all the blessings in her life. Ndiregerere is a plea for forgiveness while Piwai Mbiri, featuring Jonah Chivasa, is about her life.