Self-discovery re-aligns your life

EVERYONE was created for and has a purpose. Zig Ziglar says. “Man was designed for accomplishments and engineered for success and is endowed with seeds of greatness.”

Success Life by Jonah Nyoni

It is all up to you to discover self. If you live in your purpose you live in fulfilment, and leave fruits.
Life has to be enjoyed as Les Brown once said: if there is nothing to enjoy from life, what is the reason for living?

It therefore means we have to find our unique artistry to the world of true fulfilment. The very thing that brings
fulfilment might be the true essence for being here on earth.

Purpose is one reason why everyone exists in their unique gifting and talents. It is even more effective to discover your true purpose at a younger age.

Your purpose is not your job. But your purpose is your work. Your job you will leave someday, but your works continues even after you die.

Important questions
1. Who you want to be?
2. What do I possess?
3. Who am I?
4. Where you want to be?
5. How will you get there?
6. Who will help you get there?
7. What do you need to get there
8. Why you want to get there?
9. When do you want that to happen?
10. How will I contribute? ads Ads

Think! Funga! Cabanga!
Your thinking must be in alignment with your purpose. Your thinking must develop your purpose. Some people desire other people’s lives. They wish they could sing like Michael Jackson. You will never become Michael Jackson. Think about becoming your personal best. Your life is trapped in the domain of your thinking. Your life is a sum total of your decisions.

So the quality of your life in trapped in your thought lines. If you keep making wrong or bad decisions you will have bad life.

If you have right thoughts you will usually live a life of your dreams. Most people live in their past more that their future. That cripples their progress. To be free from your past, you must use your past as a spring board.

Master your habits
Your life is in your daily habits. As I always say, Your rituals become your reality. What you do daily adds up to your real life.

Successful people do daily what ordinary people do occasionally. First you create your habits, then habits create you, as Jim Kwik. The crucial thing is that these habits must be aligned to your purpose.

For example, I am author, I can’t wake up daily and try to be a mechanic.  at is a misnomer.

Change your focus
Just like a camera, if you focus on a wrong thing you capture the wrong image. If you pursue wrong things, you will get wrong results. If you read the wrong text book, you will fail the examination. You plant the wrong seeds, you
get the wrong plants. Success is simple, even though it has never been easy. Just do what is necessary; your purpose.

It’s game time!
Put all your hands on the deck! Action beats talents! Sleep less! Think more! Think creatively! Think productively! Think generationally! If you walk in your purpose, you walk in dominion. If you treasure in your purpose, you lead in your field of endeavour.

If you work your purpose, you are never in competition with others. When you love your purpose, you cease to be a slave of a job. Walk in your purpose. Do what you love and love what you do!

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