NetOne Director, Ranga Mavhunga Accused Of Fake Doctrate


One of the remaining four NetOne board members, Dr Ranga Mavhunga has been accused of being a recipient of a bogus institution, as close sources allege that his doctorate was not legitimately earned.

Evans Mathanda

Ranga Mavhunga a NetOne director and founder of FMC financial services is said to have been a beneficiary of one Common Wealth university, which our sister paper the standard once reported of dishing out over night doctorates to politicians.

Amongst the top Zimbabweans who came out disapproving the lucrative blind offer were Jacob Mutisi an ICT engineer, Nigel Mugami of 263chat and yes the president of Zimbabwe’s opposition party advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Nelson Chamisa was quoted to have been asked to pay USD $3500 in exchange of the doctorate from the same institution.

The London Graduate School and Commonwealth University, operating from a London, United Kingdom, address cordially invited this writer to “participate in a life changing seminar at Dubai” at which an honorary doctorate from Commonwealth University would also be conferred.

The honorary doctorate would be conferred on the last day of a three-day “loaded value-adding workshop” at the swanky Arabian Courtyard Hotel and Spa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

“However, this did not stop Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) CEO Karikoga Kaseke from accepting the “honour”, he is now called Dr Kaseke.

Kaseke’s “achievements” were splashed in the mainstream media and congratulatory advertisements were flighted in major newspapers” qouted the standard newspaper.

The same may have happened to this NetOne director, as he proudly posts on his Linkdin account an honorary degree projected as an academic achievement.

When TechnoMag reached out to the NetOne director , he confirmed that he indeed is a recipient of the degree, but rubbished speculation that he may have paid his way up to the world of doctorates.

“Im indeed a bonified beneficiary I studied a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from the Commonwealth University, this is a qualification i indeed earned, ” responded the NetOne director.

Asked whether he has any masters or theses he had done before the doctorate, the NetOne director responded that he studied his masters in South Africa where he achieved an MBA with Natal university in the year 2000.


  1. Natal University in South Africa ceased to exist during the 1990s, so could not have conferred an MBA on Mr Kaseke in 2000 as he claims (Post-apartheid, the two branches of Natal University merged with Durban-Westville University to form the present day University of KwaZulu Natal).

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