Netball chief concerned over players’ welfare


RAINBOW Amateur Netball League secretary-general Moses Gukurume says he is worried about players’ welfare as the inactivity caused by the coronavirus-induced lockdown has deprived them off their source of income.


The league boasts a vibrant sponsorship package and was slowly gaining momentum prior to the lockdown.

“We have been affected in a big way. It has stopped the games from being played, thereby disrupting the league programme.

“The lockdown has mainly deprived most of our athletes their source of livelihoods because there is no income without playing while communities have also been deprived of entertainment.

“Our biggest concern is that the lockdown has closed most companies who without activity generate funds to sponsor the game. It’s a big challenge,” Gukurume said.

The league is, however, making plans to help players during this period.

And while some sports codes and clubs risked losing their sponsorship due to the effects of the COVID-19 on the corporate sector, Gukurume said their sponsorship package was safe.

Already, giant mobile operator NetOne has withdrawn its sponsorship of Premier Soccer League teams.


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