Mukoma Panga hints on new offering

FAST-RISING sungura musician and corporate lawyer, Panganayi Mukoma Panga Hare has indicated that he would release his second album titled Pfimbi Yegudo soon after releasing a single track, Chibhakera, addressing issues that affect couples.


The Rusape-born musician told NewsDay Life & Style that although he postponed the launch of his second album, he was using the lockdown period to network with other artistes in a bid to grow his brand.

“COVID-19 has not spared us like other artistes because we were supposed to launch our second offering Pfimbi Yegudo in April. But because we wanted to do a live launch, it was impossible due to lockdown restrictions,” he said.

“But over and above, we are using this time to make use of technology such as YouTube and other platforms where fans can get our music. For instance, I did the song Chibhakera which we launched on Tuesday which talks of the importance of solving disputes without using violence because violence is not the answer. So I am using the lockdown to perfect my creativity and as well as networking with other artistes to map the way forward on how we can improve our music.”

The musician, who launched his debut six-track album titled Mbuva yehwiza last year, urged fellow artistes to engage in projects that would help them in times of need.

“Besides being a lawyer and musician, I am also a farmer and I also run some businesses and I think as artistes we should do projects that sustain us in times of outbreaks such as the one we are in now,” he said.

Hare, who has worked with a number of musicians including Alick Macheso, the late Simon Chimbetu, the late Tongai Moyo, Cephas Mashakada, Suluman Chimbetu, the late Oliver Mtukudzi, and the late Beater Mangethe as a music promoter, was behind the collaboration between Mangethe and Macheso.

His first project Mbuva yehwiza saw the musician making it to the Nama and Zima nomination list and it featured Sungura ace Somanje Ndebele.

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