Masike’s book now available on Amazon


MBIRA musician Hope Masike’s debut poetry collection, Ask Me Again, which was launched about three months ago is now available on Amazon, an online platform for shipping and virtual selling.


The multi-talented Masike, who is also a fashion designer, proved her versatility in the creative sector when she added another project off the stage.

“I am happy that my first book Ask Me Again is now available on Amazon. Get snuggled into it and discover a world of words, womanhood and my lovely home Zimbabwe,” she said.

“Other alternative ways to purchase it is the PDF version via EcoCash or other such local money transfer platforms and the book will be WhatsApped or emailed directly to you. It is going for US$7 or equivalent rate of the day.”

The award-winning songbird said if one was in Harare and were able to collect the hard copy (signed) in the central business district they would have to fork out US$10.

The collection of 36 poems is themed around social issues as inspired by Masike’s life struggles that have enabled her to explore her poetic talent.

In a recent interview with NewsDay Life & Style, Masike described the anthology as an adult book that was designed to bring better understanding between men and women.

“A particularly steamy section of the book shall get many definitely hot. So I must add, this is an adult book, not for persons below 18 perhaps,” she said.

“My genuine aim, however, is to bring better understanding between men and women, by inviting into the light the things we comfortably prefer to hide.”

The acclaimed musician revealed that parting ways with her management about two years ago and the subsequent dry spell during which her show roster contracted, helped her rediscover the poet in her.

In her musical career, Masike has collaborated with a number of both local and foreign artistes from Norway, Sweden and Mozambique and has staged performances at a number of global stages.


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