Lawyer feeds starving families in Chitown


Immigration lawyer Samantha Murozoki has for the past 19 days been feeding vulnerable residents who are struggling to put food on the table at her homes in Seke Unit A Extension in Chitungwiza.


Hunger has taken a toll on many families in Zimbabwe due to the COVID-19-induced lockdown which hinders most people who live from hand-to-mouth from going about their businesses.

Murozoki, who has since April 15 served 4 675 early supper meals at 20926 Unit A Extension last week, received 500kg mealie-meal, 20kg sugar beans and 10kg salt from National Foods Limited through Gain Wholesalers to support her initiative dubbed Kuchengetana Relief Kitchen.

“Because of financial constraints, I am not be able to cook for people twice or thrice, but I would love to. I serve each, one meal per day. I am humbled and in awe that National Foods considered helping this initiative. I pray that the donation helps as many people as possible. I am so grateful,” she said.
Murozoki said she was prompted to help when she heard that some neighbouring families were sleeping on empty tummies and the programme which first catered for 24 people has drawn starving people from Seke, Zengeza, St Mary’s and Mayambara.

“It started off as a little initiative when I heard that some neighbouring families were starving. About 24 people showed up the first day and the next day the number went up to 47 because word had spread to other high-density suburbs. The third day, I was a little bit scared on how I was going to do this because this has been out of my pocket. We started bartering for items. The number kept on increasing and on the fifth day we served 105 meals. To this date (last Friday) we have dished out 4 675,” she said.

“There are always newcomers everyday. We have people coming from Mayambara, St Mary’s, Zengeza, Unit K and many are from Unit D. Our official time to start serving is 4pm, but from around 3pm people start to arrive. We try to preach as much about COVID-19. We encourage them to practise an arms’ length social distancing and we have hand washing liquid by the entrance where they wash hands before getting inside.”

One of the beneficiaries, Winnie “Mai Mavhaza” Muvavi from old Unit A told NewsDay that she and her family were struggling.

“I started coming here today. We heard about this yesterday from our landlord. We are very thankful because we are struggling at home. With this lockdown my husband who drives taxis is finding it hard to fend for the family,” she said.

Murozoki’s neighbour Constance “Mai Madhava” Chikondo said she was humbled by her benevolence.

“I am humbled by the love she is expressing to fellow residents. There are some rich people who are failing to do this. Worshipping is not about going to church, it can be seen by expressing love to the community. Their happiness and prayers will make blessings flow to her. May she remain focused,” she said.


  1. well done Samantha. this is indeed inspiring and a true reflection of hunhu/Christianity/educated all rolled in one. am so touched. God bless you and your family especially your parents who brought you up well

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