Know all about the Bitcoin and Benefits from this currency

The Bitcoin price is impacted by the consequences of the spread of the coronavirus on traditional markets. The amount of conventional assets has been losing value for a few weeks, leading to a major liquidity crisis. Thus, investors try to find liquidity by all means by selling any asset they own including cryptocurrencies.

Monetary stimulus is needed to stabilize the traditional market.  Weak hands are sold during a liquidity crisis that just transfers these assets to the strong hands of shelters.

Always send the exact amount of bitcoin requested to you in the purchase window. Your wallet can use a different exchange rate between bitcoin and your currency, and therefore change the final amount in bitcoin. You must therefore check this point before confirming your payment.

Which wallet to choose to facilitate my payments

Obtaining a wallet is the first step in order to be able to pay in bitcoins. How to pay in bitcoin, be aware that the payment will depend on the type of wallet you have chosen. Indeed, depending on whether your wallet is personal or online, then the payment will be more or less fast, and more or less comfortable.

As you probably know, you have several portfolio options. It is possible to pay in bitcoin with all types of wallets, however, depending on whether you want to store or spend your bitcoins, your choice of the wallet will matter.

How to sell my bitcoins?

If you want to part with your bitcoins, without buying with them, then you can sell them. Indeed, the price of bitcoin is very unstable, and some people want to part with it in order to avoid exchange rate fluctuations. And as payment via bitcoin is still relative, many wish to part with it more quickly or more efficiently. If this is your case, again, everything will depend on the type of portfolio you have chosen. You can choose the Bitcoin cycle for selling and purchasing of the bitcoin.

With a personal wallet

If you are using a paper, hardware, or app wallet, then the process will be relatively similar. In these three cases, you have several options:

Sell ​​your bitcoin on an “exchange”: you will need to transfer the bitcoins you want to part with to an online account created on the exchange. Click on “sell” or “sell.” Then, the corresponding euros will be transferred to your account or to your bank account, depending on the option you have chosen. Some platforms even offer to exchange your bitcoins for other cryptocurrencies.

Use a “peer to peer” directory: offer the amount of bitcoin you want to sell, as well as the price you accept in euros or in the currency of your choice. If someone is interested, you can sell your bitcoins. This solution is more extended because you have to wait until someone is interested and contacts you.

If you’re new to the Bitcoin universe, you can quickly get discouraged by finding out the details of how cryptocurrencies work. The specifics of the technology allowing Bitcoin to exist may seem a little obscure to novices in the field. However, in reality you don’t need to be a cryptocurrency specialist to be able to use it. You just need to know how to pay in bitcoin.

If the concept of electronic currencies is relatively new and the technology can be involved at first glance, in reality the practical use of this system is in no way complicated. However, remain vigilant. If you want to start speculating, then there will be more attention to the details of its operation as well as the evolution of its course!

Many people choose to use bitcoin only for speculative purposes. But in reality, it is quite possible to use it in the real economy by paying for your purchases in bitcoins. Need to get hold of a wallet, buy bitcoin, and you can start spending it! Admittedly, you cannot pay bitcoin at all sellers, but more and more people are now accepting payments in electronic money. To resell them, the procedure is also very simple. It is therefore not difficult to embark in turn on the Bitcoin

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