Hip-hop star bemoans artistes’ exploitation


SOUTH AFRICA-BASED Zimbabwean hip-hop star Jimmie “Shasha Dze Hip-hop” Maleta has bemoaned the exploitation of rising artistes at the hands of arts promoters in Durban, South Africa.

The Chegutu-bred singer said promoters must have respect for artistes for the growth of the sector.

“The sad note is the shrewdness in character exhibited by our Zimbabwe promoters. Exploitation is their end goal because they are not very passionate and have no clear understanding of what art is. They are self-centred and crowd chasers bent on gallivanting for the camera with visiting already established artistes,” he said.

“Some self-claimed ‘well-run-Durban promoters’ are killing the game for us. Imagine a famous artiste comes to Durban for a show, they make it hard for local artistes to talk or work on collaborations with these visiting artistes. Their utmost priority is to update their social media handles with selfies rather than brokering partnership deals and collaboration pacts for rising artistes who have stood with them through thick and thin.”

Speaking on the current national lockdown induced by COVID-19, Maleta said if artistes were to survive in the current environment they have to focus more on solo performances.

“This COVID-19 pandemic has brought an unusual way of doing business which we however, have to embrace. As social gatherings will now be a thing of the past for a long time, I believe it’s time we prepare our own packaged shows and online steam pacts for stations in return for monetary gains if we need to survive now and after this pandemic season,” he said.

Maleta said through his compositions, he aims for global recognition that will help put Zimbabwe on the global music map.

“It feels great to be working with a number of talented international artistes as this helps in spreading the music across the borders,” he said.

The musician said he fused hip-hop, African pop and contemporary music in his compositions and that has enabled him to collaborate with local and international artistes.


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