ED’s son fingered in Buyanga custody dispute


BUSINESSMAN Frank Buyanga has accused one of President Emerson Mnangagwa’s sons, Collins, of blocking his former girlfriend Chantelle Muteswa from finalising guardianship of their child.


Buyanga said he wants to respect the best interests of his son and was aware of the importance of a relationship between mother and child.

He claimed he was having difficulties in finalising the custody dispute with Muteswa because of interference from Collins.

“There have been many battles in numerous courts, over several years, between our client Sadiqi and Muteswa over the best interests of their son,” Buyanga’s lawyer William Wilcock wrote in a statement.

“Our client is aware of the importance of a relationship between mother and child and wishes that his son and mother could have a normal, loving relationship.”

Buyanga said it is not his intention to keep his son away from his mother, but the safety and well-being of his minor child would always be paramount to him.

“Sadiqi is not opposed to a friendly relationship with Muteswa, where they would be able to agree on aspects regarding their child and raise him harmoniously.”

Buyanga had offered to have a Skype conversation with Muteswa on agreement to share guardianship of the child due to fears of coronavirus, but Muteswa has been reluctant, saying he must bring back the child as ordered by Justice Jacob Manzunzu.

Recently, Buyanga wrote a letter to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission alleging interference in his family matters by Collins.


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