Courts to resume operations next Monday, but weddings remain suspended 

All courts operations are set to resume next Monday, May 11 following President Emerson Mnangagwa’s easing of lockdown restrictions, which were put in place to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.


In a new operational directive by Chief Justice Luke Malaba, all courts will start operating on Monday and registries shall be open for litigants from 8am to 3pm in line with the level 2 lockdown guidelines by Mnangagwa.

“All courts shall become operational with effect from May 11,” Malaba announced.

“Registries shall be open for litigants, legal practitioners and the public on week days between 8am to 3pm while filing of court papers including process of pleading shall proceed in terms of the applicable rules, legislation or court order.”

Malaba said the sheriff shall serve all other papers and orders except carrying out evictions, executions or conducting sales in execution for the duration of the lockdown.

Solemnisation of marriages also remained suspended for the duration of this lockdown.

“Litigants and other court users shall at all times be subjected to temperature checks and sanitisation of hands at entrance(s), wear face masks, avoid person to person contact and to maintain social distancing of at least one metre apart,” the chief justice said.

Malaba said any person who does not comply with the requirements shall not be allowed to enter into a courthouse or will be asked to leave the courtroom.

Lawyers, witnesses and journalists shall be allowed entry into courtrooms.



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