Company to offer online music distribution services


SOUTH AFRICA-BASED music distribution company, Advermark Online, has started running its pre-services in the country ahead of the official launch of its platform,, which is designed to reward artistes for their work.


The company, which operates in different countries around the globe including South Africa and India, has already started offering the services with some top local artistes having signed up.
The musicians include Janet Manyowa, Bonnie Deuschle, Criss Wiss, Enzo Ishall, Ishan, Freedom Manatsa, Alexio Kawara and Tembalami.

Advermark Online chief executive officer Nqobani Palane (pictured) told NewsDay Life & Style that they were looking forward to empowering local artistes through the platform by facilitating online music sales.

“This is a music distribution channel with the aim to rebuild the local and African music distribution space. Artistes upload, manage and sell their music while fans can buy using their local mobile money wallets,” he said.

“The platform will help songwriters and musicians get properly compensated for their work. Our desire is to empower the music industry and bridge the gap between CDs and modern technology.”
Palane said the company was in the process of signing up artistes to ensure that they were rewarded for their work.

“We have about 100 artistes thus far and more are signing up. Technology is always slow to take root, but I believe the platform is growing,” he said.

Palane said they went public during the current COVID-19 lockdown and would soon roll out the platform’s official launch with a view of supporting local artistes as they shifted from old to new technology.

“The lockdown has been both an opportunity and a blessing but we wanted to sponsor shows and events to build the critical mass. The platform is secure and we are also trying to loop in the Ministry of Arts to endorse and play a role,” he said.

He said artistes signed up with the platform could still distribute their music through other existing channels and their desire was to increase artistes’ distribution capacity.


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