Change is nigh – ED adviser


SHINGI Munyeza, a member of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s advisory council yesterday delivered a hard-hitting sermon on his social media platforms, warning that God was about to effect changes “to free the country from toxic political systems, oppression and corruption”.


In a no-holds-barred Sunday message posted on his Twitter handle @ ShingiMunyeza, the businessman,
who is also a member of the clergy, said the nation would soon see the “toxic political system dismantling itself, devouring itself to a point where it self-destroys because God wants to raise a new order”.

Contacted for comment on Munyeza’s hard talk, Information permanent secretary Ndavaningi Mangwana said: “We are not in the business of interpreting sermons. The pastor was preaching and we view it as the Word of God. If they want politics, they will come out in the open and say we are now talking politics. That is when we will respond. So let those who preach go ahead and preach.”

Munyeza said the nation did not need to wait longer because the breakthrough was close.

“This will happen not in a distant future, but in the foreseeable future. As events unfold, gear up, take your position, allow the east wind to blow in your life, in your communities, in Zimbabwe, because God is about to deal
with the system that sustains the occult, the structures of government,” he said.

“Enough is enough. The occult cannot continue to subjugate and oppress us as a people anymore because God wants to deliver us as a nation. (Biblical Egyptian leader) Pharaoh didn’t know that his system was about to end when Moses arrived on the scene. When the enemy is seeing us as slaves, as those who are down and out, God in His sovereignty is going to start seeing us as a mighty army… So Zimbabweans can be free again. We will see a meltdown in the political system. We will see a crumbling, a dismantling of the political system, the toxic political system
dismantling itself, devouring itself to a point where it self-destroys because God wants to resurrect, God wants to raise a new order,” he said.

Munyeza added: “Let us talk about the systems. The Egyptians of old had a system of slavery in the days of Moses, they had a system on how they had to put the entire children of Israel under subjugation, under oppression, under abuse, under brutality.

So we have the same system prevailing even in our time, in our nation. We have an Egyptian system, we have the Egyptians of our time. Even our singers like Winky D once sang Ijipita — that is a cry of a society that knows bondage. That is a cry of communities that have suffered
immensely under a system of subjugation, brutality, oppression, corruption
and lack of leadership to take them out of their squalor and poverty.”

Mnangagwa’s administration has of ten been accused of running a brutal, oppressive and corrupt system by the opposition and the international community with the United States government maintaining sanctions against the Zanu PF regime.

Munyeza, who has remained in the Presidential Advisory Council despite calls for him to pull out, added: “Systems of oppression, corruption and brutality driven by the stronghold of the occult are going to be no more.

That is what is going to happen. It is gonna come to happen. Saints cheer up, rejoice wherever you are — the demonic forces, the strongholds in  our country, the time has come for them to be swallowed up in their own pride and self-destroy in their own way and we will stand up and say ‘never again’. They will never pursue us anymore. They will never be part of us anymore.”

In his message, Mnangagwa’s adviser said the change would come in the same manner God delivered the children of Israel from Egypt.

“Like it was at the Red Sea, God will command the east wind. We are told about the east wind that blew and parted the Red Sea. God is gonna open that east wind even in this nation of Zimbabwe. We are going to see an east wind or a storm. It looks like it is gonna destroy us, but it won’t. But it’s going to part the waters so that the people of God, the children of God, we as a nation, as communities, as families we will walk through dry ground, through the Red sea, through the storm so that we get over to the other side. But as we do that, God is making a way to destroy the strongholds of our time,” he said.

Last month, Munyeza posted a similar video attacking the country’s “inept” leadership, accusing it of presiding over “a country living in squalor” 40 years after independence.

Munyeza said Zimbabwe needed to dismantle “strongholds” that have kept the country enslaved.

“Before we had COVID-19, our economy was already on its belly, suffering from hyperinflation, lack of productivity, food insecurity caused by drought and bad policy framework, policy inconsistency across the board and unprecedented corruption, a dearth of leadership,” he said, adding: “After the storm, we need to make a turn, but the turn has to assist us to deal with the stronghold of our time, the stranglehold of Zimbabwe.


  1. Man of God should give guidance to the politicians. Man of God should also not operate liquor outlets. Man of God should not be people full of anger. Yes Mangwana is correct, we cannot interpret sermons, neither should Man of God use the pulpit for politics. Only time will tell.

  2. Absolute treachery! Why on earth is this quisling midget still on the presidential advisory council?

  3. Ya this seems to be betrayal of the highest order because one can argue that he is part of the very system he is criticizing so this does not make sense at all. He wants to gain cheap political mileage, ngaatibvire apo!!

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