Association to assist musicians


THE Association of Music Promoters in Zimbabwe (APMZ) has launched a fundraising initiative to support struggling artistes whose streams of income have been interrupted by the lockdown imposed on the country to stem the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

By Freeman Makopa

APMZ interim chairman Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza told NewsDay Life & Style that the funds would be channelled to artistes who are struggling to make ends meet during the lockdown period.

“Due to the lockdown in Zimbabwe caused by the COVID-19 pandemic currently causing havoc across the globe, our musicians, DJs, MCs and dancers have been greatly a ected since they have no income coming their way,” he said.

“They are struggling to put food on the table for themselves and their families, so as APMZ we are looking for help and assist financially, materially with basic goods or any support towards the welfare of our beloved entertainers.

Chipaz said the donations would be channelled to those in great need first.

“All donations will be distributed and directed to those who will be identifed to be in great need of these basic goods
so that they will be able to sustain themselves,” he said, adding that the initiative would continue even after the COVID-19 situation.

He said they wanted to ensure music bands remained intact and the programme would spread to all provinces as it was disheartening to see “some of our best talents struggling”.