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AMHVoices: The effects of Covid-19 in Zimbabwe and Africa at large


In these hardest of times, many countries are fighting the global pandemic that has so far claimed four in Zimbabwe and thousands beyond its borders. It’s high time we address the impact that coronavirus (Covid-19) has on African countries.

By Edith Chibhamu

According to the recent report by World Health Organisation (WHO), almost 53 African countries are battling the coronavirus with South Africa being the most hit by this global novel.

The outbreak that seems to prey on the lungs came like a thief in the night and not even the developed countries were prepared to face it. Covid-19 came with an enormous power over humanity and to date doctors worldwide are still making frantic efforts into discovering how it can be cured.

However, there are a lot of things that many people are not taking into consideration thus; the impact and social detriment this pandemic will leave in Africa.

The enforced lockdown to curb the scourge of the virus has affected business both in the formal and informal sector; a lot of people have lost their jobs and source of income.

Unlike in European Countries, most Africans live from hand to mouth; most families are supported by their daily produce from their small projects. Due to this enforced lockdown many families have suffered, they are fighting two battles, Covid-19 and hunger.

Throughout the scourge of this pandemic, I have continuously failed to air any views as I have been asking God why and what is going on? I heard the screams of those in need and I failed to fit in their shoes.

There are a lot of conspiracy theories that have sufficed during this pandemic and having been said I found this the right time to share something that has been grappling my mind.

In Africa a lot of people have been badly affected by this pandemic tragedy in every way possible. Some Families are under mandatory lockdown have no enough food or basic needs provided to them.

I appreciate what the government has been doing but more should be done and it’s everyone’s responsibility as people to assist each other in upholding humanity in these trying times.

African countries are not at all ready or well equipped to deal with this horrific situation. Our health sectors need more work and are far unable to hold on if the Covid-19 strikes as much it did in most European countries.

Having been taken by surprise we were not prepared to deal with such a pandemic. As a result, I find myself thinking that, wouldn’t the world be a better place if the businessmen and women join hands not only in the construction of hospitals but also in feeding the poor and those in need?

This pandemic has brought so much agony in Africa; it has left a trail of child headed families, widows and the elderly in dire need of basic commodities and assistance during this period.

I feel it is very important for us to assess all situations in the following manner:

1. Spread awareness of the virus

2. Test anyone with symptoms

3. Quarantine and care for the affected
4. Social workers to be more active on child headed families, making sure they have all the aid they require.

5. Create a food bank where the food will be distributed to all the marginalized on two-weekly-basis preferably.
6. Have nurse aids going into villages and badly affected areas.

Let’s all work together and join hands to fight this pandemic in our country and continentally at large. Together and united we can stand.

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