AMHVoices: UN should intervene without delay

Rule of law

SO, a whole Home Affairs Cabinet minister and Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga organised a Press conference to deny arresting the MDC youth leaders. Obviously they had not been briefed that after their arrest at the roadblock, a police officer got into the car and asked the ladies to drive to the police station, standard practice where other police officers have to remain at the roadblock while one of them gets the arrested persons to a police station.

By Kennedy Kaitano, Our Reader

Who is Matanga really trying to fool here? We do not have a government and the best thing is for what calls itself the government to simply step down and the country goes to the polls. What image is our leaders trying to create internationally?

Are they trying to tell the world that there are now police officers who will set up a roadblock and take the arrested persons to a police station, park the arrested persons’ car in a parking lot at the police station and drive the arrested persons away in a vehicle that is also available at the police station without the knowledge of their seniors?

I also read that the government is planning to charge the abductees on a lesser crime of violating lockdown regulations. Well, they can proceed with that, but what price will they pay for the suffering these ladies have gone through?

Home Affairs minister Kazembe Kazembe and Matanga’s Press conference was, therefore, just a ploy to mislead the world and absolve government of responsibility in the abduction. So it means the police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi was pressured to make a U-turn from his earlier confirmation that the three ladies had, indeed, been arrested? If so, by who?

Matanga and Kazembe’s heads must roll, but the world knows they are well-protected by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The people know that we have a criminal government which has to be removed from power if our country is to function. The power is in our hands, and we need to mobilise ourselves and take appropriate democratic action to liberate ourselves. The country cannot continue in this mode.

The United Nations must come in to help the people by ordering an internationally supervised election in Zimbabwe to end this rot.


  1. For heaven’s sake, grow up! When will Zimbabweans in the opposition learn that Zimbabweans (including them) are masters of their own destiny? Do Westerners EVER call for the UN – or other non-national bodies or foreign powers – to intervene whenever they feel aggrieved by events in their own country? Do Westerners abase themselves before foreign countries’ parliaments (like the US Congress), calling for those countries to impose or maintain sanctions against their fellow countrymen – as Biti and Chamisa have done?

    You seem to believe that some foreign Western demi-God will help you to fight your battles. Dream on! The UN, US and Western powers will NOT come to your aid – or profess support until you have won (or are bout to win) politically in your own country. Foreign governments and multi.lateral institutions deal with the government OF THE DAY in various countries. That is a fact of international relations.

    It is childish in the extreme to expect that multilateral bodies such as the UN or Western powers will involve themselves in local political squabbles. The reason is really simple: If the Zimbabwe government says “no”, what would those foreign governments do? Yes, they can withhold aid (as many already do) BUT beyond that, they sit happily on the sidelines until a victor emerges from the internal Zimbabwean political ring AND is in government.

    So, grow up and, if you support the opposition, help them attain power first. Otherwise, please keep quiet and know that no foreign government “God” or master will help you in your fight, should you choose to start one.

  2. Zvinaani uri dako? Yes we are masters of our own destiny but dont compare to us with western nations cause they are democratic. Their gvts respect their citizens’ right to demonstrate and seek to address their grievances unlike gvt which incarcerate citizens exercing their rights. Learn to make better comparisons next time ………..nxaah sucker!!!!!

  3. Mr Kaitano-Research and more research is needed before you feed the readership with your half-backed articles.For starters,read the UN Charter to be able to appreciate the situations which need UN intervention.You can also use case studies where it has happened before,to come up with a reasoned submission.

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