AMHVoices: Supreme Court ruling means 2018 election null and void


DO the following people: Senator Douglas Mwonzora, Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda, MDC-T leader Thokozani Khupe, lawyer Lovemore Madhuku, Senator Morgen Komichi, Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi and all those who think like them, want to tell the world that if all decisions made by Khupe and the party she led in the 2018 election, and those made by Nelson Chamisa and the party which he led in the election are null and void, the participation of these parties in the election process was also null and void?

By Kennedy Kaitano, Our Reader

If the participation of these parties in elections was null and void, how then can either of the parties claim that it has parliamentarians in Parliament?

So, if the MDC-T had no legally binding activities since the death of opposition stalwart Morgan Tsvangirai, who then does the resurrected MDC-T want to claim results of what was done by the fake MDC-T and MDC Alliance when it was dead during the time of elections?

Simply put, Mwonzora, Mudenda, Khupe, Madhuku, Komichi, Ziyambi and all those who think like them are trying to put words in the mouths of the Supreme Court judges, whose judgment only requires the people who were in the MDC-T in 2014 to come together and hold an extra-ordinary congress to elect a leader, if they still wish to work together, which is a commendable recommendation which the persons involved should seriously consider.

To want to nullify some things, and fail to nullify the products of the thing that you have nullified is madness.

Mwonzora, Mudenda, Khupe, Madhuku, Komichi, Ziyambi and all those who think like them should learn to take Zimbabweans seriously.

They should learn to take seriously the over two million people who voted for MDC Alliance candidates, and the over 162 000 people who voted the MDC-T candidates in the 2018 harmonised elections.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Supreme Court judgment does not instruct the recall of parliamentarians, and the candidates legally registered under for the election are the only ones with a right to recall parliamentarians if they so wish.

The mandate given to Khupe and the chairman was to organise an extra-ordinary congress, and those who subscribed to that congress would retain the name MDC-T, nothing further than that.

Please, do not imply things that are not spelt out in a judgment. Stop the unnecessary excitement, take a deep breath and start thinking properly, unpack the
What Mwonzora, Mudenda, Khupe, Madhuku, Komichi, Ziyambi and all those who think like them are telling the world is that Khupe and the party she led into the 2018 elections cannot win elections on their own and want to rob those that are capable of winning elections.

Shame on Mwonzora, Mudenda, Khupe, Madhuku, Komichi, Ziyambi and all those who think like them.


  1. shame on Mwonzora and Khupe.You failed to win elections,you now want to destroy MDC Alliance.

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  3. Newsday ! Please get your readership serious articles and not this joke Kennedy Kaitano . He is not just a joke , he is a sick joke . His analysis has no direction . He should join the Mahlekisa group . Mr Kaitano should sit back and see the reality unfolding and learn from it . It is not about what and how you and other people think . This is about the reality of the matter .

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