AMHVoices: Opposition must tighten its belt


POLITICIANS with a self-serving agenda must not be given a chance to trample on the people’s struggle or shrink the democratic space in the country.

By Leonard Koni, Our Reader

Zimbabweans must reject and dispose of politicians who are bent on derailing the people’s progress once they are voted into power and come to seek re-election when they have actually done nothing.

Such political malcontents risk putting the last nail on their political casket. Good riddance!

It is so sad to learn that there are some opposition members, the likes of Elias Mudzuri, Douglas Mwonzora, Thokozani Khupe and Morgen Komichi, who are working in cahoots with Zanu PF in trying to weaken or dismantle the struggle of the people, who for years have suffered the brunt of poor leadership and corruption.

Such people have sold out the people’s struggle.

Instead of those in power focusing on fixing the economy, we see them conniving with opposition leaders to rob the people’s struggle in broad daylight, resulting in the engine of democracy failing to crank.

Concentrating on weakening the opposition will definitely face resistance from the owners of the struggle. The bone of contention here is about fixing the sick economy, not ambushing the opposition and thrashing its golden ideas. The country’s inflation is hovering around 500%. This is the greatest betrayal of the people’s struggle.

Surprisingly, Mwonzora has now become a darling of the revolutionary party, enjoying more airspace and time in both print and electronic State media than before.

The moment people start kissing a thief is the time they should start counting their teeth before they retire to bed.

Zimbabweans are not stupid and do understand the political phenomena of the country. It is in the public domain that Khupe said she is in politics for money and nothing more. So no sane Zimbabwean can allow her to play Tomfoolery on the nation.

It’s time to count real democrats who will fight battles and resist any manipulation by fake politicians to completely decimate tenets of democracy by slowly injecting the Chinese model of politics — one-party State.

Citizens and owners of the struggle, which are the people, have the right to interrogate and question the behaviour of some politicians and put them to task without fear or favour.

Politicians are voted into power by the people and should be held accountable for whatever they do.

Zimbabwe is looking for a level-headed leadership which is determined. The opposition must not be built around an individual, but around the doctrines and dictates of the party.

The leadership must be built on very strong democratic principles.

Political grasshoppers, dictatorship and one centre of power have no room in modern-day politics and must not be allowed to find breeding space in a vibrant opposition political party.

Zimbabwe needs a progressive opposition which is transparent, accountable with zero tolerance to corruption and which refuses to be paid pipers of the enemies of the people’s struggle. It must be organic.

A strong opposition party must toe the line of the people’s struggles. If Khupe was sincere in serving the people, she should have rallied behind Nelson Chamisa in the 2018 election, hence her poor performance.

We have young people with brilliant ideas who want to serve this beautiful country.
Communism does not work in Zimbabwe. The ruling party cannot lead this nation through cheap propaganda.

The country needs a solid opposition political party which is ready to take off and take the reins of leadership, but it must fasten and tighten its belt in order to see the bigger picture of where the country is going.


  1. Well said.Vanyadzisa. Very soon vanenge vave mupolitical dust bin, eg Sekesai Makwavarara

    • Where is Sekesai Makwavarara, she has disappeared and I doubt if she is still the political dust bin, looks like that bin was emptied and she went kumadhadha bini

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