AMHVoices: Mudenda erred in recalling MDC Alliance MPs


HAVING reflected on the facts on the ground, including statements attributed to Douglas Mwonzora soon after the Supreme Court judgment, I realised that there is no basis to recall MDC Alliance MPs.

By Kennedy Kaitano,Our Reader

In his own words, Mwonzora correctly said that the MDC Alliance was an election pact which would expire after the elections, alongside with the MDC Alliance agreement, paving way for the formation of a coalition government in the event that the alliance won the election.

So effectively, the MDC Alliance agreement expired after the elections and then the parties did not renew it, but registered with Parliament as one political party. What it means is that all those who are arguing that the MDC Alliance is still bound by an expired agreement are missing the point.

And that may be the basis on which Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda made his decision to recall the MDC Alliance parliamentarians. The recall is a nullity and can be easily contested in court.

Mudenda is aware that the parties represented in Parliament are Zanu PF, MDC Alliance, MDC-T and the National Patriotic Front, hence endorsing Mwonzora’s wishful thinking is dereliction of duty.

Mr Speaker, if you think that the MDC Alliance agreement is still alive and binding, watch the video in which Mwonzora specifically says that the alliance was an electoral pact which was only meant for election purposes.

The election purpose is over, and to prove that the agreement was dumped after elections, the parties did not appoint their own chief whips in Parliament as had been stated in the agreement.

Such actions are contrary to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s reform agenda.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court judgment only mentioned that it was vital for the MDC-T to hold an extra-ordinary congress based on the assumption that the parties are agreeable to getting back together, that is why it gave the timeline to say, if it fails to happen in four months, then it’s water under the bridge.

People were restored in their previous positions only to prepare for elections, not to recall parliamentarians. This is really wrong.

Interestingly, in the same video in which Mwonzora said the MDC Alliance was a temporary arrangement, he also said no MPs and councillors would be recalled.

I don’t know what motivated Mwonzora to make a somersault and write to the august House, recalling four MDC Alliance parliamentarians.


  1. Yes very true indeed hanzi endai munoita EOC not recalling members alaaaa those failing to understand this are a problem u keep explaining zvobhowa

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