Zanu PF driver steals money from pirate taxi


POLICE in Mashonaland Central province on Monday arrested a ruling Zanu PF party driver in Guruve for allegedly stealing US$460 and $1 700 which was under a passenger seat in a pirate taxi.


Monalisa Jessiman (34) from Ruyamuro Business Centre, Guruve, was offered a lift from Guruve Centre to Mvurwi by Honest Muropa and upon disembarking, she stole the money and used some of it to buy beer and baby clothes.

Mashonaland Central police spokesperson Inspector Milton Mundembe confirmed the case, but denied that the woman worked as a driver for Zanu PF.

“I can confirm that we arrested a Guruve woman who allegedly stole money from a car though according to our papers, it is not mentioned that she is a Zanu PF driver,” Mundembe said.

However, sources familiar with the incident insisted she was a driver of the ruling party for Guruve district. They said she stole the money and bought beer and clothes for her child.

“Muropa discovered that his money was stolen while in Mvurwi and filed a police report and the police raided her home and recovered some of the money and upon being interrogated she confirmed that she bought two bottles of spirits and clothes for her baby,” said the source.

“The goods are being held at Guruve Police Station as exhibit and she is set to appear in court on April 6 by way of