Youths take COVID-19 awareness campaigns to Mash Central


Youths under the banner of Institute for Young Women Development (IYWD) have partnered Mashonaland Central provincial COVID-19 control command centre in an initiative to increase the awareness on the deadly virus in the province using pre-recorded Shona audios.


Their maiden programme was at Dandamera, Concession on Wednesday.

Traditional leaders have been calling on government to package and disseminate coronavirus messages in local languages to ensure no one is left out.

Speaking on the sidelines of the awareness campaign, IYWD team leader Glanis Changachirere said: “We are going around communities together with representatives from the provincial taskforce raising awareness using messages pre-recorded in Shona to sensitise communities on COVID-19, and precautionary measures to take to prevent themselves from contracting the virus.

“We are also giving information on what they can do when they experience COVID-19 symptoms, and sharing hotline contact numbers of the Ministry of Health.”

Provincial medical director Cremence Tshuma confirmed the partnership. IYWD programme co-ordinator Sandra Zenda said their organisation would soon donate respiratory masks and sanitisers in rural areas to mitigate COVID-19.

“We will also soon start distributing face masks, sanitisers and handwashing detergents to young women in rural areas. Some of these will be used at water collection points where a lot of these women come into contact with the same equipment such as boreholes,” she said.

Mashonaland Central province is yet to record a coronavirus case.