Varsity student ventures into music


UP-AND-COMING hip-hop artiste David “D.A.V.E” Mutyambizi (22) has released a new music video for his song tilted Muto as his music has been well received by fans.


The musician has recorded nearly 40 songs, including a new track titled Muto, which was released in February.
In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style, D.A.V.E said his music was about past life experiences and how he has derived important lessons from past mistakes.

“My songs depict my reality, past life experiences, be they mistakes which I identify as lessons to my triumphs,” he said.

“Muto is Shona for juice. It was produced by Tatenda LXA, mixed and mastered by JMP Jipe under Legendary Music studios who produced Enzo Ishall’s Magate song.”

D.A.V.E said one of his tracks Sisi Makadini has been played on Heart and Soul radio, secured two nominations at the Zimbabwe 2019 Hip-hop Awards and Changamire 2020 Hip-hop Awards.

“I started my music journey in 2010, recording in 2014 with my friends using a laptop and a microphone. I have worked with Tehn Diamond, Gt Beats and Tricky J who l featured in my track Muto,” he said.

“My music is available on online platforms such as YouTube and Sound Cloud. I see myself wiser than before, smart and venturing into other industries as music is just opening doors for me. I am interested in venturing into the culinary industry.”

The young musician is also pursuing a degree in media and society studies at Midlands State University.