Rheam’s new novel ready


AWARD-WINNING Bulawayo-based author Bryony Rheam’s second novel, All Come to Dust, is set to be jointly published by amaBooks and Parthian Books of the United Kingdom, NewsDay Life & Style has learnt.


Brian Jones, the amaBooks director said the e-book, however, would be brought out in the next few weeks and would be available throughout the world.

He said the book would be translated into Arabic by an Egyptian publisher just like what happened with Rheam’s debut novel, This September Sun, and the Arabic version will be available in 2021.

“At the start of the new novel, Marcia Pullman is found dead at home in the leafy suburbs of Bulawayo. Chief Inspector Edmund Dube is on the case at once, but it becomes increasingly clear that there are those, including the dead woman’s husband, who do not want him asking questions,” Jones said.

Parthian Books, also brought out This September Sun and the company’s co-director, Richard Davies, said the new offering shows a clear growth in Rheam’s writing.

Rheam said she was excited that All Come to Dust will be available as an e-book within the next few weeks.

“I am obviously disappointed that the paperback version won’t be available for a few months due to the coronavirus, but at least readers will be able to download the e-book from Amazon,” she said.

“The inspiration for the novel came a few years ago. I have always been a fan of crime fiction and I thought it would be interesting to see if I could write my own. I chose to set it in Bulawayo as it is where I live and because I feel that Zimbabwean writing needs to branch out into different genres.”

Rheam is already working on her third novel, The Dying of the Light, a drama centred around a psychiatric hospital in Bulawayo in the late 1930s.