Prophets, healer nabbed for culpable homicide


Two self-styled prophets and a traditional healer from Harare are facing possible jail time following the death of a 44 year old woman, who had sought their services.
The late victim, whose name has not yet been revealed, first consulted the prophets after
experiencing headaches.

After her condition did not improve, the woman went to further consult with the traditional healer in Epworth, who boiled some herbs and administered the concoction via inhalation.

The traditional healer attributed the late woman’s ailment to attacks by evil spirits

“In order to cleanse the spirits he mixed some herbs and boiling water and made the victim to cover herself with a blanket and the suspects tightly held the blanket and the victim sustained serious facial burns.

“She later passed on whilst admitted at a local hospital,” the Zimbabwe Republic Police further elaborated in a statement on Twitter.

This latest incident comes at a time when there is a increase in the number of self styled prophets being arrested for various crimes ranging from rape to fraud and culpable homicide.

Further details will be provided in due course.