Police warn illegal forex traders operating during lockdown


THE Zimbabwe Republic Police has warned illegal forex dealers operating in central business districts and other areas during the COVID-19 21-day national lockdown that they face arrest.


In a statement yesterday, police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said law enforcement agents had noted the proliferation of illegal forex currency dealers during lockdown.

“Some of the groups or individuals are using vehicles, backyard offices and some homes to engage in the criminal acts. While the government has allowed the operation of money transfer services during the lockdown, police urges members of the public to receive their money from authorised dealers and then go to the shops which have been authorised to transact in both local and forex to buy basic commodities or access medication from pharmacies,” he said.

Nyathi said there was no need for people to queue to change money in shops, particularly in the central business district, or engage in illegal foreign currency deals as they would be exposing themselves to coronavirus.

He said the police would arrest illegal forex dealers who are disregarding the national lockdown measures.

Police have so far arrested 5 226 people countrywide for various offences since the national lockdown commenced on March 30.