NPRC urges security sector, media restraint


THE National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) has appealed to the media and security sector to improve relations and respect each other as they were critical players in the COVID-19 battle.


NPRC also slammed the abuse of citizens by “misguided and undisciplined elements” in the security sector.

“The media plays a positive role in informing the nation on COVID-19, the lockdown compliance by the citizens and enforcement by the security sector. There is a need for an improvement of relations between the media and the security sector,” the statement read.

“The commission implores the media to practise responsible and peace journalism by avoiding sensationalised reportage. The security sector is also urged to respect the constitutional rights of all accredited media practitioners. Both the security sector and media are critical and are urged to exercise restraint, maturity, respect and tolerance towards each other.”

This came after security forces harrassed at least six journalists since the 21-day national lockdown came into effect on March 30. The commission also urged transparency in the registration of vulnerable beneficiaries of government aid, saying those responsible should not be partisan.