Mwonzora, Khupe on collision course

FORMER opposition MDC-T secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora has set himself on a collision course with party leader Thokozani Khupe after blasting the Political Actors Dialogue (Polad) platform, where Khupe is a key figure.


Mwonzora, who was MDC Alliance deputy secretary for international relations before a Supreme Court ruling delivered on Tuesday that nullified MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa’s appointment as the opposition leader, also told a local media outlet that he had no respect for President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s human rights record and the way he was handling his dialogue processes under Polad.

Khupe’s MDC-T is a member of the dialogue series snubbed by Chamisa.

“I have no respect for the way this government is carrying on its governance of this country,” Mwonzora said.

“I don’t agree with President Mnangagwa at all. I don’t agree with his human rights record. I don’t agree with the way he is carrying on his political dialogue, the Polad and so on. What I think is in the best interest of Zimbabwe is to have genuine dialogue before a neutral arbiter.”

His position, however, will likely set him against Khupe, Mnangagwa’s key ally in Polad.

In Polad, Khupe is tasked with pushing the international community to remove sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, particularly by the United States and her allies.

Mwonzora accused MDC vice-presidents Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube of leading Chamisa astray as they do not qualify to stand for posts at the proposed congress set in three months.

He also attacked exiled former Cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo, saying given his record in government and history of fighting the MDC, he could not preach democracy to the opposition party.

Mwonzora said if Chamisa subjected himself to the congress, he stood a good chance of winning the party leadership.

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  1. Chamisa is finished!!

    1. wishful thinking and flighty imagination

  2. Chamisa finished Khupe now. Everyone is supporting Chamisa Khupe is now approaching the dustbin for recycling.

  3. Comment…What circuss is this? Shameless forces of darkness versus forces of light? Everlooking for reverse gear? Shame on such miserable and egocentric dreamers? Nation deserves much better place in the family of nations. Let us all be seen perpetually fight with one voice for only that. Lts no national honor nor bequeathable virtue to be seen as nation perpetually strugglng to locate national forwad gear.

  4. Mwonzora, Khupe, Komichi and team should go and have their congress as per the supreme court rulling. the mdc alliance is intact and will not be moved even by an inch. Khupe and her team can celebrate a court ruling which in really effect doesn’t affect anything. Chamisa doesn’t belong to mdc t but to mdc alliance. even if he had contested the 2018 elections under mdc t, still we would have gone out of mdc thokozani khupe party with him. politics is about numbers/ supporters and not court victories. why is mwonzora pleading with chamisa to go for congress? this has shown beyond doubt that he, mwonzora is being used. chamisa mukaka. he can gather millions of supporters within minutes.

  5. What Zanu pf have managed to Silence could be the personality of Nelson Chamisa but not His supporters. Nero is for the majority and they are for the minority. Even if we call for elections tomorrow Khupe will never win more than her family’s votes.Well done Maduku for your emotional payment of allegiance to Zanu Pf .But remember you shall be left clutching the straws when Zanu is done with you.

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