Mugore shed more light on album

Tafadzwa Mugore

Budding Gospel artiste, Tafadzwa Mugore has shared more details on his seven track album titled Hamuna Chikwereti Kwandiri launched in February.

Mugore says his music is inspired by the Holy Spirit and that most songs in this album were commissioned to him through Christ that lives in him.

“The Holy spirit inspired me to make music, when I started believing in the true gospel my musical journey started flourishing. I believe the Christ in me is doing all these wonders because in as much as this album is concerned I didn’t put much effort in producing it, God just led the way” he said

“I am only a vessel and as stated in Hebrews 2:12 I will declare thy name unto my brethren, in the midst of the church will I sing praise unto thee” he added

Speaking about the title of the album Hamuna Chikwereti Kwandiri his manager, Nyaradzo Kachepa shared more details on why they came up with such a top-notch title.

“We settled for this title Hamuna Chikwereti Kwandiri because we believe Jesus Christ paid a price for us on the cross. He offered Himself for us while we were sinners yet He was holy and pure” she said

“The scriptures that support this title clearly state that Jesus Christ gave us the precious gift of life when He sacrificed Himself for us. Having this understanding of the debt that He paid for us, believers know that Christ is not indebted to do anything for us because His death is more than enough, the least we can do is to Praise Him hence the choice for that title” she added

On the sidelines of the current lockdown in which Zimbabwe has joined other nations in trying to curb the scourge of this global novel pandemic, Mugore said he was using music to carry out awareness campaigns on COVID-19, which has continued to wreak havoc, killing thousands of people across the world.

“God is still in control he has allowed the disease and he knows when to end it. In Numbers 16:41-50 14700 were killed by God because they murmured against Him and condemned Him for killing other people. ” he said.

To differentiate his music so as to make a name in this competitive music industry, he roped in collaborations with Wiseman Ncube on the title track and Painos Jaravaza on a track titled Ndiye.

This seven track album boasts of songs like Hamuna Chikwereti kwandiri, Gwayana RaShe, Kubva kumatope, Ndiye and New Testament to mention but just a few.

Mugore has applauded Wisdom Nyaparami, Nyasha Mutonhori and his manager, Nyaradzo Kachepa for making this project a success.