Litmus test for filmmakers’ creativity


RENOWNED filmmaker Joe Njagu in collaboration with Gonarezhou film producer Tariro Washe have introduced the 48-Hour Cut, a programme in which they have challenged local filmmakers to create short films through remote online collaboration exhibiting their creativity during the COVID-19 pandemic-induced 21-day lockdown.


Njagu told NewsDay Life & Style this week that there was a positive response to the call for participation in the challenge that began on Tuesday.

He said the move was inspired by his participation in a similar project in South Africa.

“The response to the call has been much bigger than we expected. Over 100 participants have thus far shown interest and the number keeps on rising. We will know the final number once the timer starts tomorrow (Tuesday),” he said.

“That’s the dream that I shared with Tariro, having been part of a similar project in SA. I saw a great opportunity for local filmmakers to create films under these unique circumstances. She found the idea brilliant and we refined it to fit into our film community. It’s not only a chance for remote collaboration, but it will give emerging filmmakers an opportunity to be part of what could be the biggest collaborative project Zimbabwe has ever seen.”

Njagu revealed that they were ultimately looking for very creative work although there were no prizes to be won by productions that will broadcast on 48hourCut Facebook page.

“Currently we have no intention of having a winner. We have no prizes to give. The heart behind it is to get our filmmakers challenging themselves on very tough situations, thus sharpening their skills for when circumstances are better,” he said.

“Creativity, that’s what we are definitely looking for. This will be strengthened by good scripts, unique cinematography, convincing characters, and of course great editing, to name but a few. We want to continue this after lockdown.”


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