Kwekwe imposes tough lockdown measures


The Kwekwe district COVID-19 taskforce has imposed tough measures to combat the spread of the disease with the army and police instructed to use sweeping powers to enforce the orders.


In a statement, taskforce spokesperson and Kwekwe district medical officer Vitalis Kwashira yesterday said travellers from outside the city had been barred completely.

“All points of entry/exit will be monitored/closed in Kwekwe for the 21-day period. No movements to other towns or districts (allowed), hence the sealing of all entry points into Kwekwe and all exit points out of Kwekwe,” Kwashira said.

“People should confine themselves to their homes and assign one family member to buy foodstuffs at the nearest shopping centre,” he said.

The resolutions which were arrived at during the taskforce’s urgent meeting held on Tuesday, also apply to surrounding areas including Silobela, Zhombe and Zibagwe.

Only two people are allowed in a vehicle while on errands and the driver “should not at any time disembark from the vehicle”.
Gatherings should not exceed 50 people, “be it at a funeral, meetings or biras”, Kwashira said adding, only personnel providing essential services will be allowed movement.

Vending has been banned; shops will operate four hours a day and “local authorities should take the opportunity to provide services like clean water, sewage and refuse collection in order to ensure high hygienic standards”.

Kwashira urged central government to assist Kwekwe in the procurement of water treatment chemicals, or alternatively the local authority should seek UNICEF’s assistance. Redcliff and Zibagwe municipalities were ordered to provide sanitisers at water points, while Zesa was ordered to ensure uninterrupted power supply.