Horror as man rips open ex-wife’s abdomen


A BULAWAYO woman is reportedly living in fear of her cheeky ex-husband, who recently ripped open her abdomen following a domestic dispute.


Nhlanhla Ndlovu (30) of Gwabalanda is said to have survived numerous heinous attacks from her ex-husband, Thethelani Ndlovu (36), with several efforts to get justice failing under unclear circumstances.

Thethelani was only apprehended on April 6 after he attempted to torch the house in which Nhlanhla and her children were and later stabbed her in the abdomen.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed that police dealt with the case and the docket was sent to court.

“The case is already in the courts, I cannot comment further on it,” Ncube said.

However, a prosecutor at the Bulawayo Magistrates’ Court said the docket was sent back to Luveve Police Station for further processing.

“The matter involving Thethelani came to court three weeks ago and the docket was sent back to Luveve Police Station,” the prosecutor said.

Nhlanhla yesterday confirmed the abuse and said she was at Luveve Police Station giving details on the latest attack.

“Yes, it is true that I have been abused and attacked by ex-husband. As we speak, I am at Luveve where I need to give details on the latest attack, I will give you more information when I am done,” she said.

Nhlanhla said on April 6, Thethelani stabbed her and she was taken to Mpilo Central Hospital for treatment.

“He stabbed me on April 6, I was rushed to Mpilo Hospital where I got admitted and stitched. I was discharged on April 10 the day he appeared in court. I did not attend court since I had just been discharged and I was told that the case will go to court on April 30 while he is out of custody,” Nhlanhla said.

“He is a very dangerous man. My whole family now lives in fear of him as it was not the first time he has abused us. He would come to our house, insult and threaten us, forcing us to keep our doors locked.”

The latest case of stabbing was recorded under CRB 535/20, while other previous cases are CRB 792/19 and CRB 695/18.

On case number CRB 695/18, Thethelani was ordered to pay a fine of $100 with an option of 90 days in jail.

On case number CRB 792/19, he was sentenced to community service at Fusi Primary School. The two cases involved assaulting and insulting Nhlanhla and her family.

Nhlanhla said they have two children, a boy aged 11 and girl (eight), but she had to move out of their shared house because of the abuse, adding Thethelani still torments her.

A neighbour said Thethelani, nicknamed Cheater of Gwabalanda, “is a well-known criminal in Bulawayo, who is known at Luveve Police. He has been abusing Nhlanhla’s family with insults, threats to kill including her mother and father. He carries out robberies in Zambia, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa.

“Luveve Police in Bulawayo have failed her (Nhlanhla) for years. She was in an abusive marriage for 10 years. The suspect, who recently ripped her stomach with a knife is on a protection order and was arrested and released so many times.”