First Mutual Funeral Services, providing economic dignity to all

First Mutual Holdings Limited operating profit improved to $4,9m compared to the prior period of $1,9m

First Mutual Funeral Services, a member of First Mutual Holdings Limited, subscribes to excellence and strives to set the highest standards in provision of funeral services and facilities to all its customers equivalent to that of a hero’s burial. This resonates with the First Mutual group ethos of providing economic dignity to all.

First Mutual Funeral Services offers high quality and affordable funeral services including body removal, mortuary storage, washing, dressing, reconstruction, embalming, chapel, caskets, coffins, hearse, mourners’ transport, blankets, laces and flowers, graves, burial equipment, and the actual burial

For body preservation there is a state-of-the-art mortuary fitted with an infection control system to preserve mortal remains of your dear departed ones and for the safety of our employees. Our team of morticians and undertakers carry out embalming using highly recommended processes.

In addition, a fleet of reliable and well-serviced ambulances, hearses, courtesy vehicles and buses is available to ensure safe transportation for the funeral to all parts of Zimbabwe.

“We know that choosing a coffin/casket for your loved one is an important part of the funeral arrangements and we have a wide range of high quality caskets and coffins to suit all needs. Our caskets are quality controlled from the materials, during manufacturing and after completion, and can be viewed at our showroom,” said the First Mutual Funeral Services spokesperson.

“Burial services ranging from grave sales, urban cemeteries and country burials, exhumations to cremations are part of the package we offer. Our funeral directors/undertakers are available to handle logistics ensuring that the burial site is the correct size to accommodate the coffins as well as to assist with any regulatory paperwork as required for a burial,” added the spokesperson.

For repatriation and expatriation, we work with renowned service providers in the region and internationally to bring back the remains of your loved one.

Existing Funeral Cash Plan (FCP) and eFML policyholders have an option to access the services based on their policy value at the time of claim. Funeral services are provided to both policyholders and non-policyholders. In instances where the sum assured is lower than the value of services chosen, the policyholder is allowed to top up with cash.

If the sum assured is greater than the value of services rendered, claimant will receive the balance in cash. Cash services are quoted based on our price list which is subject to change periodically in line with prevailing market dynamics. A funeral policy which guarantees provision of services in the event of death will be launched soon.

First Mutual Funeral Services is a subsidiary of First Mutual Holdings Limited, a leading financial services group that is committed to creating value through risk management, wealth creation, and wealth management.

First Mutual Funeral Services is located at Number 1 Deary Road, Belgravia, Harare, opposite Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals along Mazowe Street and more branches will be rolled out in other towns in due course. The parlour is open 24 hours a day.

For more information contact First Mutual Funeral Services on telephone: 0242 764442/3, cellphone: 0788515698, 0788515699.