COVID-19 opportunity to reconnect: Sanii


URBAN grooves artiste Lungwisani “Sanii” Makhalima has disclosed that although the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak across the globe has posed a serious threat to humanity, it has also made people focus on important things as they reconfigure their lives and work together in unity during the 21-day lockdown.


The Usadaro hitmaker told NewsDay Life & Style that the lockdown had enabled people to re-connect and strengthen their bonds.
“COVID-19 has been good in the sense that it gets people to focus on real things in life such as family unity and togetherness,” he said.

In a bid to monitor the COVID-19 spread and minimise possible damage, many countries including Zimbabwe imposed lockdowns, minimising movements and interactions of people, which are potential sources of the spread of the virulent disease.
“The lockdown has gotten the team to re-strategise what to do next as this global pandemic definitely seems to be growing by the day,” Sanii said.

The musician, however, expressed concern that the outbreak has had a negative impact on a lot of musicians who rely on earnings from shows.

“It is sad that we will have to delay the release of our material until the market is more conducive and receptive,” he said.

Sanii also noted that the COVID-19 outbreak had shown the fallacy of artists solely relying on live shows for their income as the 21-day lockdown imposed by President Emmerson Mnangagwa included a ban on music shows and other public events.

“The 21st century systems help artistes generate many modes of revenue income via various means,” he said.

“Previous investments, endorsements and financial discipline have helped me. My advice to other artistes is that let us use our influence to rally the masses to stop the spread of the virus. And let’s pray for a speedy recovery of those infected,” he said.

Sanii said despite the lockdown, he has not stopped working on new projects and plans were in the pipeline to release a new product later this year.

“I have not stopped working. I am always writing and composing music. It is my work. Yes, I always have to keep working to create new products. There are new projects coming out later this year, definitely,” he said.

Sanii, one of the golden picks of the urban grooves movement under the guardianship of his elder brother, prolific producer Delani Makhalima, has remained consistent over the years despite the threat posed to urban grooves by the new rage of Zimdancehall.

With a wealth of entertainment experience and a rich discography of 10 albums, Sanii has been long-known for love ballads that have become soundtracks for many romantic affairs although last year he produced a hard-hitting political song, Vatiregerera, in which he called out the country’s leadership for failing the young generation.