COVID-19: Artiste cancels recording


GOSPEL musician Prosper Kutyauripo’s plans to wrap up his six-track album, MuSamaria Akanaka, are in limbo due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has forced him to cancel recording and release just three tracks off the album.


“We have decided to release the first three songs and if we get another opportunity to record we are going to release the remaining ones. Our plan was to do a six-track album, but due to the coronavirus scare we are unable to finish our recording,” he said.

“We found it not healthy to continue mingling during this time of COVID-19. I have a live band and we are from different locations.

We no longer have time to rehearse. So the decision wasn’t reached due to lack of funds.”

Kutyauripo told NewsDay Life & Style that MuSamaria Akanaka was directed to the Christian, but also condemned clergymen that value money more than the well-being of their followers.

“The title song MuSamaria Akanaka is a question directed to the Christian world. Where is the Good Samaritan of today? We are all Christians but do we still know our role in society?” he said.

“l have a feeling the church has lost its mandate and the leaders have lost influence. As an evangelist, l feel bad to remain silent while shepherds are misleading the sheep. I believe that l should address those in influential positions so that they reposition the church to its foundation.”

The other two songs in his forthcoming album are Mweya Wangu and Emanuweri. Mweya Wangu is centred on how one’s spirit is often let down by the flesh while Emanuweri could be the soundtrack to the ongoing efforts in the fight against COVID-19.

“I was just telling the nation that whatever situation the country is facing, God is with us. We will get out of the disaster,” he said.