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Buyanga goes for broke in child custody wrangle


Businessman Frank Buyanga claims he is a victim of corruption from various government departments, including the judiciary, as the battle over his child’s custody continues.

By Staff Reporter

Four days ago, the High Court issued a provisional order that Buyanga must return his son to his mother, Chantelle Muteswa within 24 hours, but the businessman has indicated that he is filing an appeal and is confident that a superior court will overturn the provisional order.

“Sadiqi (Buyanga) has been a victim of corruption from various Governmental departments in Zimbabwe, which is evident from the fact that after Ms Chantelle Muteswa kidnapped his son from a police station on March, 11, 2020, no authorities, police or court officials, were willing to assist Mr Sadiqi in locating his son or attempting to have him returned,” Buyanga’s South African lawyer, William Wilcock wrote in a statement.

“Complaints were filed at numerous police stations against Ms Muteswa, yet nothing resulted from these complaints.”

The child custody wrangle has been raging for a while now.

In 2019, Buyanga was reportedly granted temporary custody of his son by the Children’s Court after Muteswa was unable to provide safe and suitable accommodation for the child.

Wilcock alleged that, following the ruling, Muteswa disappeared with the child and the authorities did not help in finding the minor.

A month ago, Buyanga was granted joint custody of his son, in the High Court in what was described as a landmark ruling.

Wilcock said Buyanga had personally written to the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission, Zimbabwe Human Rights to lodge complaints against certain police and court officials for their roles in refusing to assist in the return of his son after the kidnapping by Ms Muteswa.

One of the people that Buyanga complained about was Justice Jacob Manzunzu, who handled his latest case.

“We find the fact that the honourable judge did not recuse himself from this matter to be peculiar and unethical, especially in light of the fact that there was already a complaint lodged against him by a party to the hearing,” Wilcock wrote.

“We are further surprised that this order was made whilst Mr Sadiqi is outside of the jurisdiction of the court, which puts into question the authority and effectiveness of the order.

“It is highly irregular for a court to grant such an order where the respondent is already outside of the court’s jurisdiction.”

In the past, Buyanga has complained that there was involvement from Auxillia Mnangagwa, the First Lady, in the case.

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