Artist commends COVID-19 campaigns


BULAWAYO writer, poet and philanthropist Mthulisi Ndlovu has commended fellow artists who joined hands in the fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) to educate communities about the pandemic through their art works and gifts.


Several artists from different artistic disciplines including music, comedy, drama and poetry have produced new works as part of the COVID-19 awareness campaign.

“I would also want to express my gratitude for the overwhelming participation of artists in different genres in fighting COVID-19. It is the least we can do for ourselves and the world at large. One day, history will take note of this noble cause,” Ndlovu said.

“Let us continue doing the best that we can in preaching positivity and spreading more faith than fear.”

The Plumtree-born artiste said in times like these art must take its place and fulfil its purpose.

“If ever there were hardest times in the 21st century, it should definitely be living in today’s reality. In a world slowly but surely living under a dimming light of motivation, this is the time when artists must rise in full force and convince the world that there is more to art than mere entertainment and amusement,” he said. Ndlovu said times of tragedy often inspired great art in the form of poetry, music and painting, among others.

He urged artists to take part in complementing government efforts in curbing the spread of COVID-19.

“We as artists have the power to teach our communities the importance of staying safe through social distancing and practising basic health standards prescribed by national and international health authorities,” he said.