AMHVoices: Zimbos in SA appeal to govt for repatriation


I’m writing to you from South Africa registering my grief and airing question to the Zimbabwean Embassy in South Africa on the issue of repatriation. Since the lock down started, we have been living under harsh inhabitable conditions. We have no food, no money and but we are hearing of food hampers that are being distributed to some and we only read about these in news papers.

We are in Gauteng and I hope this affects a number of Compatriots across South Africa. We applied or registered for voluntary repatriation and we were told that the process is on course.

There is no communication whatsoever from our Embassy, this is so worrisome and uncalled for.

Some of us came to South Africa on a business trip, and now we feel we want to go back home. Its no longer bearable staying here especially under the current lockdown.

We kindly ask Mr Hamadziripi to keep us informed on the progress and if they do not have money to fund our return, all what we need are the travel permits and transport: we can fund ourselves .The surprising thing is we are hearing that our fellow Zimbabweans from Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, United Kingdom, etc are returning home but there no one that has been granted to return home from South Africa.

May his office consider our fate and act with urgency to bail us from this impasse.

We are many and we want to go home. We have no problems with the mandatory 21 days quarantine that is happening everywhere . We have businesses in our home country and we need to see how we will go once the lockdown is lifted or eased.